Rules & Regulations

Cancellation Policies

  • If the event had to be canceled due to bad weather a full refund will be made. If the activity has been started and by external forces outside of our reach the activity organizer cant be carried out, the money will be refunded except 50% of the total price refered for only the transportation.

**Bad/Severe Weather ( refers to any dangerous meteorological phenomena with the potential to cause damage, serious social disruption, or loss of human life) ONLY CALLED OUT by the organizer.

Responsibility, insurance, equipment and adequate physical condition for events

  • All necessary equipment and material specified in the description of the event (water, food, footwear, coats) must be brought in. If they are not brought, the organizer may take them out of the event, in the same way if the organizer considers that you are not in sufficient physical condition to do the activity or that the person has an attitude that endangers himself or the rest of the group has the authority to take you out of the event and no refund will be made.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to bring everything that is requested. If this is not the case, the organizer will try to help you but it is not in any case the responsibility of the same and the event or its schedules cannot be altered due to it.
  • EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS PERSON, in no case is the guide or website responsible for any injuries that may suffer before, during or after the activity. We advise you and highly recommend to buy accident insurance at this link at least 3 days before the activity.
  • All attendees must have a minimum physical condition required for events and it is their responsibility for any injury or illness they have previously.
  • At all times you should follow the guidelines of the organizer who is the one who has the experience and who organizes and directs the event.
  • Any person who has suffered a previously seriousor minor injuries or suffers from any illness/phobia should notify the organizer and it will be he who says whether or not he can do the event, and if something happens it is not the responsibility of either the organizer or the group.
  • It is your responsability to have your insurance. In case you  do not have one please buy one for the day, we recommend this site:  By joining means you totally undestand this policy and fully agreee wit it.