We believe that nature is the best way to reconnect with yourself, with others, with that Higher Energy. We believe is the best way to close obsolete circles and open new ones, find inner peace, attract the things you want, we believe is a sacred language that unites us and invites us to discover it in harmony and respect while we have fun.

We work mainly by loving what we do, enjoying each adventure, growing with each step we take, and gaining experience so we can be able to offer you great moments, always having safety and respect as a priority.

The make the best adventures:

• By the sea.
• Mountain excursions/hikes.
• Lakes.
• Adventures in the rivers.
• Activities in the snow.
• Cultural tours.
• Wine tastings.
• Guided visits.
• Tailor-made hikes/tours for small groups (COMPANIES / FAMILIES / FRIENDS / TEAMS)

Our Team

RAUL(ROMBOS): Digital entrepreneur & Artist, looking to escape from the asphalt jungle on weekends.
MONCHO: Nature-loving marathon runner
ALEX: Entrepreneur Engineer who is always racing against time
KRIS: Artist and student, faithful friend of nature and good vibes
MON: Fanatic Expert of the good food & organizer of “Barcelona Gourmets”

If you would like to be part of our team, write us & let us know !


They always ask me how I started doing these events in nature and why I keep doing it. The truth is a story full of magic that marks the beginning of a journey full of changes and a constant and hard spiritual growth.

One person taught me once that the best way to find your way in life, inner peace, attract the things you want and find that Higher Energy that guides and teaches us, is through contact with NATURE. In it, besides all those things I found: new friends, precious moments, other moments of growth and see places I never imagined

That’s how started this adventure and which I started meeting unique people who vibrated in the same way as me: artists, athletes, cooks, computer scientists, linguists, publicists, biologists all friends united by the love of/to nature and that collaborate in this wonderful project.

It is our intention to share all this amazing places & experiences with you and show you corners of this unique part of the planet that are just amazing.

“Happiness only real when shared” Christopher McCandless

Barcelona has superb modern architecture, it’s a paradise for gastronomes, surrounded by beaches, mountains, rivers & lakes, you can find great wine, full of history, it has magical Montseny Park, near the Pyrenees, amazing interesting people from all around the world, bucolic medieval towns, best artists have passed over here, you can fly anywhere from its airport, you can be in France in no time